Hogan Assessment Systems ®

Hogan Assessment Systems ® is a diagnostic system for the identification of abilities and limitations as well as attitudes and values of the person to be more successful. These psychometric tools provide the most advanced level of knowledge and technology in the assessment of individual potential to increase the effectiveness of individuals and organisations. The Hogan Assessment Systems package includes three complementary tools:

  • HPI Hogan Personality Inventory
  • Research and Development Hogan HDS
  • The questionnaire Motives, Values, Preferences MVPI

Hogan tests have high psychometric properties, including standards developed for the Polish population, including several thousand working respondents representing various industries and positions .

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Persolog: Model of personality ®

Persolog: Model of personality ® is now known in over 50 countries , subjected to research and continuously improved. At the moment the tool persolog ® is available in 28 languages, including Polish, English, German, French , Dutch and Chinese. Thanks to that, a number of people speaking different languages can participate in one workshop, which is a particular advantage when training teams of international companies and corporations.

Persolog: Model of personality ® provides a wide range of training topics through wide range of specialized tools:

  • Practice personality persolog ®
  • Profile of behavior persolog ®
  • Strategy for Sales and Customer Service
  • Strategy calls
  • Training teams and management of conflicts
  • Each time management

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Persolog: Model of personality ® on-line

Persolog ® personality profile online - Explore your personality and get the realistic picture, check how you are perceived by the environment and what kind of work matches your abilities best.

Profile of self-management while on-line - Invest 20 minutes and get a tool for efficient use of time. Your individual report provides an analysis of time management behaviors (also under pressure) as well as your goals and priorities. Your personal balance of time will allow you to make the necessary changes step by step.

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Voices ® 360 ° powered by Lominger (report in English only)

VOICES ® is Lominger 's research- based and experience-tested solution for delivering 360° feedback that helps career-minded people to succeed. VOICES ® uses Lominger International 's LEADERSHIP ARCHITECT ® Competencies (characteristics generally considered beneficial to career success) and/or Career Stallers and Stoppers (characteristics generally considered harmful to career success) as the foundation on which important development plans are created .

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PCSI ® Questionnaire Personal Coaching Styles

PCSI is a tool that helps leaders, managers and coaches understand how to communicate more effectively in different types of situations (in the team, during the execution of the project, etc.). The tool examines four PCSI styles and develops awareness of how these styles occur in the workplace. This helps leaders, managers and coaches adapt their styles to employees and clients.

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