Training Needs

We believe that more than anything else, preparation is the secret of success. That is why in our opinion it is the identification and analysis of training needs that provides the foundation for an effective training process. 

Detailed analysis and the identification of training needs of clients enable a deeper knowledge of the business context of their organisation. It also gives the opportunity to determine the developmental needs of participants and to set precise objectives of the training and other development activities. 

Here are some methods used for the identification and analysis of training needs: 

  • Meetings with those involved in the decision making process of the training / development programme 
  • Individual interviews with participants 
  • Surveys on potential development areas 
  • Focus groups 
  • Observations and analysis of actual business situations, e.g. Interviews with clients, colleagues or subordinates 
  • AC / DC research aimed to determine the initial level of participants’ skills
  • Conducting workshops, aimed to develop a common vision for the development of staff in line with the organisation’s strategy. 

Comprehensive identification and analysis of training needs takes place at three levels: individual (individual employees), team (e.g. departments, divisions) and organisational (global).

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