Action Learning

We offer implementation of the Action Learning as a method that creates a learning environment in the organisation and is based on self-reliance, independence and accountability of the team. 

Action Learning implies that every person has some knowledge in the field in which he normally works, and therefore may have something to offer to others. Currently, more and more people are eager to use the opportunity to exchange knowledge and experience, because in recent years the method of Action Learning has gained huge popularity. 

The main principle of Action Learning process is the motto "real problems, real solutions".

Brief description of an Action Learning team: 

  • The team consists of 5-6 people, and the squad is constant
  • Meetings are regular - held every few weeks
  • The process usually takes a minimum of 5 team meetings
  • All team members accept the basic rules of the process
  • Team members have diverse experience 
  • Each member of the team has his “airtime” during the meeting (max. 1 hour), during which the other members help him in finding a solution to his problem 
  • One of the team members facilitates the meeting 

When is Action Learning particularly useful? 

  • When team members need to begin to work in a different manner to succeed
  • During major changes in the organisation 
  • During major changes in the team 
  • When there is a need to discover new ways of thinking and stimulate the potential of team members 
  • When there is a need to improve the quality of leadership
  • When there is a need to improve communication or resolve a less significant problem within the team.

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