Bite Size Workshops

Bite Size workshops are a short workshop modules. This formula allows busy people to take part in the workshop and return to their duties during the same day.

Each Bite Size workshop develops skills indicated in its title. Participants receive a portion of the practical knowledge which they later practice. Portions of knowledge are designed in such way that participants are able to implement them immediately after the workshop. Taking into account both time invested and possible benefits, participation in the Bite Size workshop is an excellent investment for every leader.

We currently offer following Bite Size workshops:

  • The power of questions
  • Feedback
  • Real appreciation
  • Listening on the higher levels
  • Attitudes in communication

Who can benefit from Bite Size workshops?

» Organisation
  • Improving communication in the organisation
  • Developing conversational intelligence in the organisation
  • Improving conversational intelligence in the organisation
  • Employees experience the power of PULL attitude in communication
» Executives
  • Improving quality of communication between executives and subordinates
  • Improving PULL attitude among executives
  • Building sense of responsibility and ownership among executives
  • Developing conversational and feedback skills
» Employees
  • Improving communication skills to the PULL level
  • Building employee commitment in creating organisational culture based on trust

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