Facilitation of the team work is a process in which a person accepted by all team members, who is independent and neutral in relation to the team and does not have decision-making rights, leads the team work process in order to: 

  • Improve the efficiency of the team and each of its members; 
  • Help the group identify and solve problems; 
  • Support the decision-making process. 

The facilitator is someone who supports a team or group in finding innovative and creative solutions. Their task is to construct such a facilitation process that will enable the participants to achieve their goals (or unleash their potential) in the most optimal way.

The facilitation process involves three parties: 

  • The facilitator responsible for the process; 
  • The team, whose role is to develop solutions; 
  • The leader of the task responsible for substantive assessment of the process. 

Facilitation is based on a wide variety of methods and techniques of group work, used depending on the purpose of the meeting. 

Most frequently facilitation is used for: 

  • Creation of business strategy (e.g. sales strategy, product implementation strategy); 
  • Planning (e.g. career paths, employee development); 
  • Sharing best practices within the team or organisation; 
  • Generating ideas;

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