Team Coaching

Team Coaching is a process aimed at supporting teams going through changes. It is also used when teams need to determine the best way to achieve the desired level of efficiency and improve their business results. It is a process of strengthening the group to achieve their goals, and improving skills in the areas chosen by the group itself. 

This method is based on the partner relationship and mutual trust between group members and the Team Coach. 

Usually Team Coaching is a process lasting for several months, during which the team sets the goal for itself and works firmly to its implementation. One-off meetings of the whole team dedicated to solving the current problem or discussing a single issue are also possible during the process. 

The role of the Team Coach is to accompany the team, build awareness of the processes among the team, giving feedback, showing different perspectives of perception, rather than giving ready-made solutions. Changes are the results of independent work of the team, and not imposed top-down solutions or advice. 

The assumption that underlies this way of working is that each team has its own individual style, dynamics, and above all the collective wisdom and is able, with the help of the Team Coach, to walk its own path to the desired level of efficiency.

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