In Talent Center we make sure that each of our training sessions is delivered with professionalism and passion. 

We deliver business training sessions in areas such as:

  • Leadership development 
  • Support of sales teams 
  • Organisational culture
  • Strategic sessions for managers 
  • Coaching for managers 

Every session is conducted in a systematic and creative way. 

A systematic approach allows us to achieve excellent results and maintain the highest standards of work. It includes the following steps: 

  • Identification and analysis of training needs and expectations 
  • Project training process based on the needs of the client, to establish training objectives, identification of development activities, clarify the expected results and business results 
  • Tailoring the content of the training to the individual needs of our clients 
  • Proposed diagnostic tools 
  • Collaboration with experienced coaching staff 
  • Evaluation of training, presentation of conclusions and recommendations for further development activities 
  • Capturing the effects of training through follow-up 

Our ideas, combined with experience is a guarantee of solutions focused on the needs and expectations of our customers. 

By providing knowledge, training skills and building commitment we develop leaders to support the business objectives of our clients.

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