Organisational Culture

The ultimate challenge is to accept ourselves as we are, but never stop trying to learn and growTony Schwartz

Why is it important to model the organisational culture? According to the latest business market research, employee commitment leads to greater customer satisfaction, higher productivity and profitability, as well as lower absenteeism among employees, lower staff turnover among them, and improved safety. 

However, only 20% of employees working in modern organisations said they are “very committed” when doing their job. 

What do we influence when modelling the organizational culture? 

  • Building trust 
  • Listening to and understanding of doubts 
  • Encouraging employees to express their own ideas 
  • Creating space to solve problems and take action 
  • Keeping arrangements

Responding to the needs of workers 

  • Appreciation
  • Participation in a team 
  • Explaining the relationship between their work and the company's strategy 
  • Identifying opportunities 
  • The joy of work 

Creating a friendly atmosphere

  • Encouraging to take responsibility 
  • Encouraging teamwork 
  • Showing commitment 
  • Setting clear standards 
  • Appreciating good work 
  • Transparency

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